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Soore Mehr Publishing Co. as an administrator of Hozeh Honari publications and also a place for manifestation of the productive works, has been responsible for all affairs related to planning of content design, technical production , publication and distribution of books , magazines and the other art- cultural products.

Additionally, directors of the company have always considering the policy making, controlling and directing art and cultural activities because of producing the high quality and effective works .
Having passed the establishment and stabilization period , Soore Mehr Publishing Co. has considered new one based on change and development in all technical, organizational and human aspects. In fact , Soore Mehr Publishing Co. is engaged in the activities to respond to the demands of the country as follows:

–  Being familiar with Islamic revolution discourse by placing emphasis on the Islamic revolutionary and cultural values.
–  Easy access to high quality and of great worth cultural products
– To fulfill the needs of the families to the cultural and perfect products.
– To support valuable works and to introduce new and committed figures.
– Streaming innovation in production and improving the processes of publishing market.

In addition, Soore Mehr Publishing Co. is decided to develop its markets to the global and international regions through publishing rich books in different foreign languages. Of the other major programs of this company is to emphasize on developing processes of the modern publishing industry including propagation and developing electronic publishing with the global and standard concept which is now implementing and becoming operational.

Products include


1- Printed and Electronic books
2- Talking book – Audio book
3- Magazines