Thos Twenty-Three

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In the final days of the year of 1393 and the early days of 1394 (March 2015), I found myself delighted with the sweetness of this eloquent, captivating and artful writing and spent my moments with these youthful yet strong-willed men.

I salute and bow my features to this tasteful author, those 23 and the hand of power and wisdom whose miracle-weaving fingers are the source of all this beauty.

The Foot That Was Left Behind

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I have neither read any book nor heard any account that describes scenes of the captivation of our men in the claws of the cursed Iraqi Ba’athists as has been depicted in this book.

This is an exceptional account of woeful events that word-for-word and little-by-little presents the eyes and hearts of the reader with the mental patience and greatness and resilience of our brave men on one hand, and the baseness and cruelty and wrongfulness of Saddam’s minions on the other, and astonishes the reader.

Thirsty Windows

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Who is this Hussein who has captivated the whole world

What a candle this is that has drawn all souls like a moth

You burning flame, shining light and warmer of people’s hearts! Who are you with such glory and grandeur, with such sweetness and delight, with such authority and power, with so many armies at your behest and so many angels who compete with humans beside your flock? Who are you, oh the light of God, the call of truth and the vessel of liberation? What have you done for your God that your reward has been the purification of everything that relates to you? “You are in my soul, you are in my spirit, you are in my heart, and the peace of God be upon the day you were born and on the day you were martyred sinless for it was a glorious and proud day.”

Daughter Of Shina

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In The Name Of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful.

God bless this patient and faithful lady and also the pure young mujahid who never gave up despite the unbearable pains and sorrows his beloved wife felt.

It would be better to appreciate the children of these two great persons.

Journey To Qibla

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This book again engulfed me in a regretful frame of mind of wanting more than anything to visit the House of God and the shrine of Muhammad (PBUH) once more.

It is an exhilaration and anticipation that is no longer accompanied by hope. From since I can remember, even from days of youth, my heart has never been free of the fire of this longing. But even in the dark days of suffocation when every true and untrue cleric could joyfully or even from lack of need stand in the lines of Hajj easily, I could not! Or to put it better: no head of pilgrimage caravan would even dare put my name among the list of its Hajjis, let alone as the cleric of the caravan, for fear of Shah’s SAVAK.Yes, even in those hard times my heart was not empty of the hope to visit Mecca or kiss the ground where Muhammad’s feet had touched it in Mecca or Medina.

The Eleventh Golestan

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In The Name Of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful.

This is a sensational narration of the devotional and jihadi life of a young man who was able to attain the place of great divine men and exaltation on the earth and in a supreme majesty in his youth.

Congratulation to him. The narrator, the partner of his short life, has also clearly expressed her honesty and purity in her innocent narration.

Division Of The Good Men

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In The Name Of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful. This book is full of wonders and untold greatness of diving warriors and information about the war operations. when I was reading this book , I have been impressed over and over again.

Noureddin The Son Of Iran

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This is also one of the most beautiful paintings of the lively and miraculous page of the eight year sacred defense.Both the narrator and the writer have made special effort in an aesthetically pleasing way to write the book.Blending of these memories into the humorous and sweet words coming from inherent talent of the narrator putting in an artistic and sophisticated manner in the book by the writer and the narrator’s clarity and daring in expressing memories that are not commonly expressed in the memoirs as well are of the prominent features of this book .

When The Moonlight Was Missing

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“The children of Hamedan , children of love , sincerity and purity , the great humble men , the companions of Imam Hossein (PBUH), the supporters of God ‘s religion and then the mothers , creators of the brave and patient males and the atmosphere of spirituality and knowledge , the bright hearts , the unflinching determinations and efforts , insights and supernatural visions sweating from this source of honest narration and elaborative writing comes the enthusiastic reader to fruition.