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SooreMehr Publishing Company as an administrator of Hozeh Honari publications and also a place for manifestation of the productive works, has been responsible for all affairs related to planning of content design, technical production , publication and distribution of books , magazines and the other art- cultural products. (More…)


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Selected book of SooreMehr Publishing House in 2017 :

The truth of the epic genre :

Truth in the word and the narration

The most fascinating features of the book are honesty at all moments and events. In general, neither the narrator nor the author of the book have any reason to say the truth. A truth that is narrated in a male language and from the view point of a brave young man and may even be bitter in semblance and object of audience’s propensity , but ultimately, the reader is sure that the book is not caught up in imagination and exaggeration. The narration that comes closer to the end of the book is more sensational and more epic, but still real and true.

Commendations of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution for the book “When The Moonlight Was Missing” :

In The Name Of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful.

“The children of Hamedan , children of love , sincerity and purity , the great humble men , the companions of Imam Hossein (PBUH), the supporters of God ‘s religion and then the mothers , creators of the brave and the patient males and the  atmosphere of spirituality and knowledge , the bright hearts , the unflinching  determinations and efforts , insights and supernatural visions sweating from this source of  honest narration and elaborative writing comes the enthusiastic reader to fruition. “

 “The narrator is himself a live martyr whose badly-wounded body has failed to wane the verve and vigilance of his heart.” Praise be to God that the writer is also from among those enthusiastic and experienced men. May he and all of them enjoy the grace of God and divine pleasure . God willing . “



The Sculpture’s Finger

Young Adult
The Longest Ruler of the World

Young Adult
The Computer Crow

Young Adult
Masho in Fog

Young Adult
Namaki and the Snake who’s Wearing Glasses

Young Adult
Bang and Bang and Bang, the Clever Prey

Little Warriors

Moon Spring

Fish and Hook

The Lion King and the Brave Rabbit

Flying Tortoise

Caw of the Crow and the Snake

Along With The Thunderbolt

The Eleventh Golestan

Division Of The Good Men

Noureddin The Son Of Iran

When The Moonlight Was Missing

Journey To Qibla

Daughter Of Shina

Thirsty Windows

Thos Twenty-Three

The Foot That Was Left Behind


  When “The Moonlight” Was Missing :

This book seeks out to describe the objective narration of a historical event leading to a change the fate of the vast majority of Iranian people prior than to recount the memoirs of veteran Ali Khoshlafz.

Since Ali Khoshlafz and the crown prince of Iran were born nearly at the same time, he was named “Jamshid. Simultaneously with the outbreak of Islamic revolution , When he was a young man, his desires and goals have been transformed .

Reading the book by the Iranian famous actors :

The very transformation of his mind makes him possible to change his name to Ali  while sent to the front and finally his life changes as well.  Ali aged 15 , in the bloom of his youth was sent to the front at his insistence and finds that martyrdom is the divine gift obtaining through leaving himself .

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